Nandasiri Polwatta Gedarage is an artist like no other, with many years of skills, talent, and experience in hand he has mastered ice sculpting, fruit carving, painting, and digital art. Polwatta Gedarage came to Canada with 30 years of experience in Sri Lanka working under his own company Rusiru Arts and Advertising services Pvt; which focused on advertising through radio, TV, and press. 

After coming to Canada he fell in love with Canadian ice sculpture shows and competitions. He made a commitment to master the trade of ice sculpting, by next year (2013) he entered the same ice sculpting competition that he first saw (Bloor-yorkville); shocking all the competitors in  the contest he took the 3rd place on his first go. As he got more comfortable with competing and sculpting he created artwork that astounded the spectators. After that he got invited to other competitions in different regions of Canada (Ottawa, Peterborough, and Niagara), which he also managed to place top 3 in all the events. 

With all the experience and skills that he as accumulated over the year's he now wants to offer his talents/ services for your satisfaction through his new business Ice Arts and Crafts. 





2018 Bloor-Yorkville Ice fest   1st place   (Toronto)

2018 Peterbrough Polar Bear 1st place   (Ottawa)

2017 Peterbrough Polar Bear 1st place   (Ottawa)

2017 Bloor-Yorkville Ice fest   2nd place  (Toronto)

2016 Bloor-Yorkville Ice fest   1st place   (Toronto)

2016 Peterbrough Polar Bear 2nd place  (Ottawa)

2016 Niagara On The Lake    2nd place  (Niagara)

2015 Bloor-Yorkville Ice fest   2nd place  (Toronto)

2015 Peterbrough Polar Bear 1st place   (Ottawa)

2014 Bloor-Yorkville Ice fest   2nd place  (Toronto)

2014 Peterbrough Polar Bear 3rd place   (Ottawa)

2013 Bloor-Yorkville Ice fest   3rd place   (Toronto)



Nandasiri Polwatta Gedarage